Toyota Type T-IV Automatic Transmission fluid


  • ATF TYPE T-IV provides protection against premature wear and tear on transmission parts.
  • Ensuring efficient transmission power under severe driving conditions.
  • Precise friction coefficient that helps prevent transmission shudder.
  • Special additives protect against corrosion and excessive wear.
  • Smooth shifting in extreme temperatures
  • Fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid


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Toyota Type T-IV Automatic Transmission Fluid

Toyota Genuine ATF is manufactured specifically for the automatic transmissions of a Toyota or Scion vehicle. Using any other brand of ATF in a Toyota product which requires genuine ATF Type T-IV will seriously affect the performance by way of shift shocks, reduced acceleration and torque, reduced clutch life and will ultimately damage the transmission. It is very important that only Toyota Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid be used in your Toyota vehicle.


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