Paint Tester Pen GL-MAG Made in Poland.


Meter, GL-MAG varnish thickness tester:
✓ Measurement resolution: 20-25um
✓ Measurement range: 0-600 μm
✓ Type of measuring probe: built-in
✓ Measurement memory: no
✓ Probe type: magnetic measurement


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Basic features of the device:

✔type of measuring probe: magnetic
✔measurement on steel, galvanized steel sheets
✔Measurement resolution: 20-25 µm
✔Measurement range (paint thickness): 0 µm to 600 µm
✔Neodymium magnet spherical
✔double scale with pointer

The housings of our meters are of high quality. They are made according to our designs from scratch and are made of “premium” class materials.

The meter will last for years.


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