Paint thickness gauge GL-PRO-2-F, GL-PRO-2-FA, GL-PRO-2-FAZ

Car meter, GL-PRO-2-F, GL-PRO-2FA and GL-PRO-2-FAZ varnish tester:
✓ measuring range 0-2000um
✓ measurement resolution 1um Fe, 5um Al
✓ point probe terminated with a ball
✓ automatic recognition of the tested substrate (aluminum, steel, galvanized steel)
✓ memory: 960 memories
✓ measurement statistics
✓ HOLD function


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Professional paint thickness gauge with ball probe on the cable available in three versions:

  • GL-PRO-2-F, measurement only on steel sheets
  • GL-PRO-2-FA, measurement on steel and aluminum sheets (automatic material recognition)
  • GL-PRO-2-FAZ, measurement on steel and aluminum sheets (automatic material recognition with zinc coating detection function on a steel sheet).The distinguishing feature of GL-PRO-2-FAZ meters is the automatic recognition whether the ferromagnetic sheet is covered with a zinc layer or whether it is non-galvanized. This is very important when measuring on a car – it will reveal to us which body parts were replaced with cheaper non-galvanized ones. The probe has been completely developed by us.

Basic device features:

✔ measurement on metal sheets (automatic detection):
– steel, Fe (models GL-PRO-2-F, GL-PRO-2-FA, GL-PRO-2-FAZ);
– aluminum, Al (models GL-PRO-2-FA, GL-PRO-2-FAZ);
✔ automatic detection of zinc (Zn) on a steel plate (only GL-PRO-2-FAZ model);
✔ automatic surface detection (does not apply to the GL-PRO-2-F model only for steel sheets);
✔ measuring range 0-2000μm;
✔ pitch 1μm for Fe, 5μm for nFe;
✔ minimum measuring field for nFe 15x15mm, for Fe 5x5mm;
✔ Built-in probe, elastic, terminated with so-called ball;
✔ statistics of measurements (quantity, maximum, minimum, average, previous);
✔ 3 modes of operation: continuous measurement, measurement stop (HOLD 1), freezing measurement (HOLD 2);
✔ option to manually set the measurement mode, Fe or Al;
✔ memory for measuring 960 items;
✔ measurement assistant for the automotive industry (graphic + text);
✔ calibration (using plates and thickness standard);
✔ sound signaling;
✔ diode illuminating the measurement place;
✔ power supply: two AA (R6) alkaline batteries;


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