Paint Tester Gauge GL-8S Made in Poland.

Car meter, paint tester GL-8s:
✓ probe with the measuring head suspended elastically
✓ measuring range from 0um to 2000um (Fe and Al)
✓ measurement resolution: 10um or 1um – selection in MENU
✓ measurement memory 200 items
✓ HOLD function
✓ sound signaling


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Precise measurement thanks to the flexible probe on the cable and the helpful Measure Assistant® function

The meters are designed for automotive steel, galvanized steel and aluminum sheets. Thanks to the flexible probe on the cable, the measurement is easier and more accurate. The Measurement Assistant® will help in the interpretation of measurements for less experienced people. Due to the power supply with AAA alkaline batteries (2 pcs), the meter is an economical solution.

Basic features of the device:

✔type of measuring probe: probe on the cable, probe face pressed (movable);
✔measurement on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum sheets;
✔measurement resolution: 10 µm or 1 µm depending on the settings;
✔measuring range (varnish thickness): 0 µm to 2000 µm;
✔HOLD function;
✔sound signaling;
✔meter calibration – zeroing (calibration) plate is included;
✔memory of 200 measurements;
✔LCD backlight;
✔automatic shutdown of the meter after a long inactivity;
✔power supply: two R3 (AAA) alkaline batteries;
✔polycarbonate keyboard;
✔company ETUI included in the set;
✔3 languages: Polish, English, German.


The function prompts the car assessor whether it has had body and paint repairs.
When the function is turned on, the meter displays on the display while taking measurements messages informing about the state of the sheet metal machine:

  • “THIN” – the varnish is too thin;
  • “LAK OK” – correct varnish;
  • “2xLAK” – the second layer of varnish;
  • “PUTTY!” – putty.

It should be noted that the MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function is only intended to help in the interpretation of measurements, it cannot be the basis for an unambiguous answer to the question whether the car has had body and paint repairs. Nevertheless, many people who evaluate cars do not really know what a given paint thickness means, so the above function is to help with this.


  • accurate measurement
  • high quality

The meters have an elastically suspended measuring head, which is constructed in such a way that when the probe is pressed against the tested surface, it “slides” into the probe housing. As a result, the measurement becomes more accurate due to more even pressure on the tested surface. Hand vibrations are also eliminated.

The probe head is made of high-quality plastic, thanks to which it will serve for years.

Calibration function

  • simple calibration
  • plate included

The calibration – zeroing function ensures that the meter will measure correctly in all conditions, even after several years of use.
Before taking measurements, you can calibrate the meter and be sure that the measurements will be correct.
The meter is compensated and it calibrates itself automatically, but an accurate calibration is always possible using the calibration plate.

Note the meters without calibration plates – in such meters the measurement error will soon increase, because the probe wears out (wears off) and it will additionally affect the aging of the electronic components. That is why even meters worth several thousand zlotys have calibration plates and a calibration function in the set.

The set consists of:

  • varnish thickness gauge GL-8s
  • plate for zeroing – calibration
  • two AAA alkaline batteries
  • eco-leather case
  • instruction


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