Lacquer thickness gauge GL-SMART-8 Made in Poland.

Car meter, GL-SMART-8 paint tester
✔ cooperation with the GL-SMART application;
✔ type of measuring probe: built-in probe, probe front pressed – gently slides into the probe housing and slightly deflects sideways which facilitates measurement;
✔ measurement on steel, galvanized and aluminum sheets;
✔ measurement resolution: 10µm or 1µm depending on the settings;
✔ measurement range (varnish thickness): 0µm to 2000µm;
✔ HOLD function;
✔ sound signaling;
✔ meter calibration – zeroing (calibration) plate is included;
✔ memory of 200 measurements;
✔ LCD backlight;
✔ automatically turn off the meter after prolonged inactivity;
✔ power supply: two R3 (AAA) alkaline batteries;
✔ polycarbonate keyboard;
✔ company ETUI kit.


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Paint thickness gauges from the SMART series

enable connection with a telephone via bluetooth. Thanks to the GL-SMART application, we receive a number of additional functions that are not available for standard paint thickness gauges.


GL-SMART application

The GL-SMART application developed for Android allows connection to a SMART series paint meter. Depending on the model of the meter, we get a number of new functions that are not available for standard meters. The application currently works on Android version 6 or higher. Ultimately, it will be available from version 5. Application updates provided by the manufacturer are free. The advantage of the application is that it will be constantly refined and expanded. The GL-SMART application can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Application possibilities after connecting with the GL-SMART-8 meter

  • basic and extended measurement with recording of measurements;
  • *professional measurement with measurement of individual body parts + pillars
  • 24 photos can be taken for each car;
  • generating reports with measurements and additional information such as brand, registration, VIN, notes, etc .;
  • export of reports to a PDF file;
  • aplikacja wymaga obecnie systemu ANDROID w wersji 6 lub wyższej;
  • the application currently requires ANDROID system version 6 or higher;
  • *the application is constantly being developed, ultimately it will be compatible with version 5; it will be constantly expanded with new functions, updates will always be free.

The GL-SMART application is intuitive to use. After starting the main desktop will be displayed, which allows you to choose one of the options:

  • basic measurement;
  • professional measurement;
  • measurement catalog;
  • calibration.

Attention. After starting the application or after selecting a given function, the application may ask for permission to access the location as well as to the camera and multimedia. Location permission is necessary for Bluetooth 4 operation, this is a technical requirement of Android. We do not collect any information about the location of the phone.

The GL-SMART app must be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Scan the QR code and download the application.

Basic measurement

After selecting this function, a list of detected meters will be displayed – select one of them. The application will enter the measurement mode in the “basic view”. By switching to the “extended view” additional functions will appear: a table with a list of measurements, a graph with measurements and the ability to save measurements in the measurement catalog. In order to make a measurement, you should additionally go to the measuring function in the meter’s MENU. After applying the meter to the car body, the measurement will be displayed on the meter LCD display and in the GL-SMART application.

Professional measurement

It enables measurement with division into individual body parts. A graphic will be displayed with the car broken down into individual fragments. After selecting the fragment you will see the view as in the picture on the left. We make the measurement in the same way as described in the “basic measurement” function.

In the professional mode it is also possible to save the measurements in the form of a report.

Measurement Catalog

It contains saved measurements divided into professional (icons with a dark blue border) and basic (icons with a green border). By choosing a given measurement file, we have the ability to edit data such as brand, engine, model, mileage, data carrying out measurements, conclusions, etc. In addition, the file with professional measurement has the function of exporting data to a PDF file in the form of a report.


By selecting this function it is possible to calibrate the meter. Follow the prompts.

MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function on the meter display and in the GL-SMART application

The function tells the car assessor whether he has had body and paint repairs.

When the function is enabled, the meter displays messages on the display informing about the condition of the metal plate:

  • “LAK OK” – correct varnish;
  • “2xLAK” – second coat of varnish;
  • “KIT!” – putty.

The GL-SMART application uses a solution consisting in changing the colors of the frame with measurement:

  • green – correct varnish;
  • yellow – second coat of varnish;
  • *red – putty;

and an additional text message is displayed below the frame.

It should be noted that the MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function is only to help in the interpretation of measurements, it cannot be the basis for an unambiguous answer to the question whether the car has had bodywork and paint repairs. Nevertheless, many people who evaluate cars do not really know what a given thickness of paint means, so the above function is to help in this.

HOLD function

This function allows you to make a measurement and stop it, so you can move the meter away from the tested surface and read the measurement.

Sound signaling

It is especially useful when taking measurements with the HOLD function activated. After the measurement, the meter informs us of this fact with a short beep.

Calibration function

  • simple calibration,
  • circuit board included.

The calibration – zeroing function means that the meter will measure correctly in all conditions, even after several years of use.
Before measurements, you can calibrate the meter and be sure that the measurements will be correct.
The meter has compensation thanks to which it automatically calibrates, but accurate calibration is always possible using a calibration plate.

Note the meters without calibration plates – in such meters, the measurement error will soon increase, because the probe wears (rubs off) and will additionally affect the aging of electronic components. That is why even meters worth several thousand zlotys have calibration plates and a calibration function in the set.

The set consists of:

  • paint thickness gauge GL-SMART-8
  • zeroing plate – calibration
  • two AAA alkaline batteries
  • eco-leather case
  • instruction


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