ABRO Degreaser Engine Foaming – 510 gm

Code: MC-179

Super Heavy Duty Engine De Greaser Quantity ; 454 gm Instructions for use ; The engine should be warm but not hot and always disabled. Plastic sheeting carefully close the valve, air filter and air intake system, carburetor, all electrical equipment. Hold the bottle vertically at a distance of 30 cm from the work surface. Spray the cleaner on a dry engine and wait 5 minutes to dissolve the dirt. If the cleaner gets on the painted surface, be sure to wipe it off immediately. Rinse off dirt with a strong jet of water. Allow the engine to dry, then remove the plastic wrap and can be started. Precautions: The cylinder under pressure. The product is highly flammable! Do not puncture the balloon, do not throw it in the fire, do not expose to its high temperature – above 49C, and direct sunlight – a cylinder can explode! Do not smoke in the room where there are a couple cleaner. Contains petroleum distillate. Do not swallow. May cause irritation in contact with skin and eyes


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