ADDINOL SiIicone spray 500 ml Made In Germany

  • Additional applications:

–  Sliding agent in engine, auto body and vehicle construction

–  Equipment in medicine, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

        –  Water-repellent lubricant in electrical and installing industry

–  Cleaning and protection agent in general machine, ship and aircraft construction

–  Preservation agent in ceramics und glass industry and many more


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  • ADDINOL Silicone Spray is based on a modified silicone oil and solvent. After application the product forms an odourless, water- and light resistant as well as weather proof lubricating film.Temperature range from -50 °C up to +250 °C.Optimal temperature for application and storage from +15°C up to +25°C.



  • Excellent suitability as universal sliding and release agent for plastic, rubber and metal surfaces
  • Proven worthwhile in application because of resistance against  salt water, steam, sulphuric acid, diluted acids or leaches

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