ADDINOL Grease Spray Made In Germany

  • • Excellent preserving medium
  • • Contains propaani- and a butane-based propellant that is free of chlorine, bromine and fluorineSprühfett W CONSUMER BENEFITS:
  • • Universal use
  • • Long service life of aerosol grease
  • • Effect even at extreme temperatures
  • • Can be used in conditions of direct contact with water
  • • Protects moving parts from wear
  • • Ensures good sliding friction between friction pairs of different materials
  • • High lubricity
  • and excellent lubricity under loads
  • • Protects metal machine parts from corrosion
  • • Ozone friendly


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  • Sprühfett W APPLICATIONS:
  • • Intended for use in cases where it is not possible to exclude equipment contact with water, eg for lubricating sluice gates, car wash equipment, cooling conveyor drives.
  • • Universal lubricant for moving parts and plain bearings.
  • • For use as a preservative in two-wheeled vehicles.Sprühfett W Features:
  • • Lubricates, protects and cares
  • • aging resistance and long-term effect
  • • Available in a wide temperature range
  • • Waterproof and hydrophobic even in contact with aggressive liquids
  • • Highly efficient wear protection
  • • Excellent liugehõõrdumise different materials hõõrdepaaride between
  • • High duty cycles

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