ADDINOL ATF XN 7 Transmission Fluid Made In Germany

  • Very good cold flow behaviour
  • Corrosion-preventing properties
  • Protection of heavily loaded gearbox components
  • Smooth shifting behaviour and less shift time lag in common 7 speed automatic transmissions
  • Extended life time duration of gearbox parts
  • Reliable lubrication and quick reaction even at very low outdoor temperatures
  • Stable corrosion protection


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  • Especially developed with a high anti-wear performance and for a smooth functioning and an excellent wear protection of modern automatic transmissions with up to 7 speeds in a various range of passenger cars.
  • Reduced viscosity to deliver fuel economy benefits depending on vehicle type, vehicle condition, and driving conditions.
  • High scuffing load capacity
  • Optimized friction behaviour
  • Very good anti-wear behaviour

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